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The 7th China Yunnan wild edible fungi fair was held in Yimen on the 20th
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The 7th China Yunnan wild edible fungi fair was held in Yimen on the 20th
Xinhua Yunnan channel, July 17 (Kuang Fengying) it's another year! The 7th China Yunnan wild edible fungus Fair will be held in Yimen County on the 20th. The scale of this "wild fungus feast" is unprecedented. It is expected that more than 1000 businesses will display wild mushroom mountain treasures from all over the world, which will achieve a fungus trading volume of more than 1400 tons, and further enhance the brand influence and popularity of "water city in Central Yunnan, mushroom town Yimen", Effectively promote the healthy and sustainable development of wild fungus industry in Yunnan.
The theme of this wild edible fungi fair is "building a brand of mushroom Town, displaying the style of water city; gathering Chinese mountain treasures and promoting exchanges and cooperation". It will be held from July 20 to 26. There are 1000 booths in four exhibition areas, including 300 booths in fungus commodity trading area, 100 booths in Yunnan famous and special products trading area and 400 booths in wild edible fungi fresh goods trading area, There are 200 booths in the comprehensive exhibition area. All prefectures and cities in the province have organized enterprises related to the production, processing and sales of wild edible fungi to participate in the exhibition. During the fair, a series of activities will also be held, such as "dancing water city • singing fungus township" large-scale literary and artistic performance, fungus commodity auction, edible fungus academic forum, wild edible fungus science popularization exhibition, trade and investment contract, "calligraphy and painting exhibition with the theme of" fungus township ", ethnic and folk literature and art exhibition, long street banquet of wild edible fungus food, and" mushroom Township Tour "wild fungus collection tourism promotion.
Due to the impact of continuous drought, the output of wild fungi in Yimen County decreased year-on-year this year. Coupled with market supply and demand factors, more and more consumers recognized the edible value of wild fungi, and the price of wild fungi generally increased by about 10% this year. Among them, the most rising is dry bacteria. The price doubled and increased. At the most expensive time, it sold for 1200 yuan per kilogram. It is predicted that after the future output increases and the price is relatively stable, the price of Yimen dry bacilli will be about 500 yuan a kilogram.
Yimen County is a famous hometown of wild fungi in Yunnan Province. Its complex landform, a variety of forest types, soil types and unique three-dimensional climate conditions breed rich wild edible fungi resources. Yimen wild edible fungus is famous for its complete variety, large quantity, excellent quality and long taste. There are more than 400 kinds of wild fungi such as dried mushrooms, Tricholoma matsutake, chicken fir and Boletus in the forest of more than 600000 mu in the county, of which 37 kinds of edible varieties have been widely developed, and the annual average output of edible fungi is about 4000 tons. In Yimen, there are more than 50 catering enterprises named after wild fungus. The wild fungus food represented by fungus hot pot and fungus feast makes tourists linger and praise. There are more than 30 distinctive farmhouses in the county, which attract tourists with food, leisure, bacteria collection and other projects.
It is reported that since the first wild edible fungus fair was successfully held in 2005, Yimen County has held six consecutive sessions, which not only launched the tourism brand of "water city in Central Yunnan · Yimen town of fungi", but also cultivated and expanded a number of wild edible fungus deep-processing enterprises, promoting the rapid development of local tourism, It further consolidated the position of Yimen as a wild fungus trading and distribution center in Yunnan, China. By holding the annual wild fungus fair, Yimen County has cultivated a large number of precision processing farmers, greatly increasing farmers' income.

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