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Professional after-sales service

Service commitment:

With the purpose of meeting the needs of users, we will provide users with pure spare parts, technical consultation, installation guidance, free commissioning, unit transformation and personnel training for a long time. After receiving the quality problems fed back by the user, make a reply within 24 hours or send after-sales service personnel to the site as soon as possible to ensure that the user is not satisfied and the service does not stop.  
Arrive at the site in 24 hours at home, arrive at the site in 48 hours internationally (except for visa time), and make telephone appointment for door-to-door service in towns and remote areas; 365 days, 24 hours a day.  
A major concept of after-sales service: I serve you happily
A large concept of service:  we serve you happy  
Planning → design → construction → training organization → service → tracking service

Service process informatization

Open a comprehensive service system of various communication forms, such as SMS platform, QQ repair request, e-mail repair request, telephone reservation, etc.  
Service QQ: Mr. Liu: 653 862 367; Miss Jiang: 513 858 954  
Service hotline: 0755-27692431 0755-29992942  
Global customer service hotline: 4001-800-338  
Service email: E-mail: sell@wandagy.com  
Project after sales service commitment
In order to better serve the majority of users, make the system invested and constructed by users safe and value for money, our company provides pre-sales technical consultation, equipment selection and solutions, so as to ensure the quality and performance of goods, supply time, service guarantee and technical support of equipment within and outside the warranty period Make the following plans and commitments for maintenance and technical training:  
1、 Visit users irregularly or by telephone to understand the operation of the system and equipment and solve users' problems;  
2、 Technical services and training:  
1. Installation and commissioning  
1.1 all equipment products of our company in this quotation document are brand-new original brands.  
1.2 our company is responsible for sending the purchased equipment to the user's location after passing the initial acceptance, and providing the installation and commissioning of the purchased equipment.  
1.3 after the purchased equipment is installed and debugged in place, our company will organize special personnel to jointly conduct quality acceptance and signature with the user.  
2. Installation and training  
2.1 our company will be responsible for organizing professional technicians to install and debug the purchased equipment products according to the actual requirements of users, so as to ensure the smooth progress of various installation and training. "Customer first, service first, reputation first and efficiency first" is our service tenet. "Think far and do well for you; I am careful and you can rest assured" is our service goal. We hope that our service can relieve you and your unit of worries and give full play to the efficiency of the equipment you buy!
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